Saturday, January 01, 2005

Writer's Block

Oh boy...I'd hoped to write a super long one to wrap things up for this year and this story, but it's like 3:53 am now and I have a wedding to attend in church tomorrow.
However, for the sake of my f... (wild screams) CONTROL YOURSELF, PEOPLE.'s frightening what sleepy-ness can do to the human mind.
Wow, I sure did it didn't I? Managing to end the story on the very last day of my self-imposed deadline. It's been two and a half months since this story began, I didn't even think it would last that long. And just CHECK OUT the length of the final two chapters! It takes 2.8 seconds to scroll down by keyboard (yeah, that's how I measure the length of my posts).
Still not sure on the general verdict of how I handled the final scene, but there's one comment that it suffers from the "Matrix" syndrome: build the reader's expectations and intrigue to levels so high that they cannot possibly be fulfilled, and then an "OK" ending which couldn't do much. Maybe it was too long, maybe it was too corny, maybe the freshness of the plot had worn thin by then, but I tried my best and well, I guess I deserve to be proud of my pre-sios! Especially the Epilogue, which I feel helped lessen the "what mean THIS is the end?" feel by a lot.
And yeah...I'll most likely change the template to usher in the new year + story, something more fancy I hope. While waiting, here's some fun stuff we can do:

a) figure out a title for this story - it can be more than one word, I guess.
b) comments, alternate endings, etc.
c) discussion: ending every chapter with a cliffhanger seems unneccessary and difficult for the story to flow smoothly. Do away with it in future?
d) last but not least but most...a theme for my new story! Something to get the ball rolling, I hope...I've had some thoughts running through my head these days I guess...but most still seem pretty weak or too similar in style to the first story. So why not YOU think of the story, I write it, and I get all the credit? Hey, I'll use your names for my characters, if that's what you want! >^p

All right, I'll let you in on a teeny little secret...I'm leaning more towards a mystery/murder sort of story at the moment. So, if you don't mind, I'm off now to take in a breath of 2005!

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nEphilim said...

its been fun, its been exciting, its been draggy at times, but it's been daniel all the way... good start man~! :) looking fwd to more stories to waste my online time with..:P