Friday, January 14, 2005

Writer's Block

My, my, a Writer's Block at such an hour? I wouldn't dare, would I?
Well, actually I was looking through blogs of my ex-classmates from CD26 (foundation year in college), and I suddenly realise what a year that truly was. I came to college after having similarly fallen in love with my Form 5 class, thinking "no class could possibly be as great as 5sc1" (that's my Form 5 class to you).
But hey, you know how the rest of the story goes. Hard to believe as it is, I was actually one of the less creative/crappy (it's a thin line) among those deranged beings even on my best day. It always is a most wonderful experience sitting down brainstorming on some "groundbreaking concept" with new ideas flying in from all four corners. Singing in class, on field trips, spontaneous "musicals", the infamous "Class Wars" against the nefarious CD27, Wisecrack Of The Day with an unfortunate lecturer...and don't even get me started on Drama Class.
Haha...sorry if I'm boring you out of your wits, but I'm just pouring out this sudden rush of emotions here. What makes an interesting class interesting? The way the different "social groups" interact and complement each other so perfectly? You people, smart people, lazy people, happy people, lonely people, jerkish people etc coming together in a melting pot of CONVERSATION where infinite possibilities could occur? There's something still very mysterious and magical about this phenomenon, but's a big shout-out to the five most-loved classes I've ever been in, all were one-of-a-kind: 1S2, 5sc1, CD26, AD26, and Canaan Church (well, technically we're all studying the Bible ;^)
And ah I was waddling through the swamps of daily-experience-blog-siness, I couldn't help thinking why I don't write blogs like those. Do I always need to be so different from others? Or maybe I feel shy talking about my thoughts, or have trouble putting them in words. I mean, I have had friends who visited my blog and said, "Hey, it's from some storybook.". Wouldn't personal testimonies, social commentaries, criticisms and the like truly help me be the "drop that overflowed the ocean" I cherish so much? I'm starting to come to terms with my potential and what an awful waste it would be to just sit by and be proud of it. (No, I am NOT boasting, ALL of us have our individual potentials waiting to be discovered).
But possibly the question is, why should I write blogs like those? Like the irrepresible June Loh mentioned in her lovely blog, it's sad to be outspoken without substance. Many are in a hurry to seem knowledgable without first seeking knowledge. Perhaps I myself have been guily of this many times. Never, ever think yourself wiser than others because you know something they don't. They might know everything else that you don't. The funny things is, the more you learn about something, the less you feel you know. Arghhh, why am I muttering these wise man quotes? Who wrote this stuff anyway?!
Excuse me while I dust off my "Danielle/Moulin Rouge Parody" VCD. ;^)

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