Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Secret Room, 11th Chapter

As they were handed their brushes and paints, Will twitched even more nervously than ever. Jimmy felt that he shouldn't approach Stella, while Jan thought otherwise. And it didn't help that the Secret Room wasn't far away.
"Here you go, Jack." The line inched closer to Stella.
She was a thin, waify girl in her early twenties. Not exactly the sort who would stand out in a crowd, but there was this subdued confidence she exuded. Or was it just his imagination?
"Will?" Stella pushed a brush into his hand. "You there?"
"Good, just checking. Next."
He was about to make way for the next child, but just couldn't. His feet refused to budge.
"Erm...Will? You've had your brush, haven't you? Now go get your paints from Mrs. Banks."
"Ehh..." Darn! Now his mouth refused to budge.
"Move it, kid." Dave, a not-so-friendly boy three years older than Will pushed him aside.
Reluctantly he joined the other kids to line up for paints, cursing himself for not just blurting out the question. At the same time however, he felt kind of glad that he didn't ask it.

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