Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Secret Room, 9th Chapter

"Oh?" Jimmy cocked up an eyebrow. "Do tell."
"It starts off pretty much the same as yours - Stella staying here, being curious about the Secret Room and all. There were some friends mentioned, but I'm not sure how many or who they were."
"And so the story goes that Stella and her friends came up with some scheme to get into the room. However, this time around they try to blow the door up. Literally."
"Blow it up? How?"
"Firecrackers. They gathered however much they could find, buy, borrow, or even steal, and hid it well. Everything was meticulously planned, from the date and time of the explosion, to who would go in and what."
"Now here's the weird part. It appears that their plan failed, and only Stella got caught. Somehow, the rest fled in time before Mrs. Banks came along. She unselfishly took the blame for her other friends."
"What happened to her friends, then?"
"Beats me."
"So, in Jimmy's story everyone but Stella gets caught." Will deduced. "But in Jan's story only Stella gets caught."
"You got it."
"Know what, guys?" Jimmy slammed a fist on the table. "We've got to look for Stella right now."
Rrrrrring! A truly unwelcome sound signalling the end of breakfast time echoed across the hall.
"Oh, man! Not now!"
"Hurry up, children!" Pat, one of the nice ladies, shouted. "Clear your dishes and gather in the main hall! We'll be doing some wall-painting today!"
An inaudible groan could be felt all over. None of the children found dirtying their hands in a strenious repetitive movement the whole day long particularly thrilling. Furthermore, it was not like they got to paint them in many different exciting colours. Mrs. Banks, being the jolly old woman she was, had decided that ALL walls in the orphanage should be given a coat of light brown for "consistency". Ugh.
Ten minutes later, Will found himself on the verge of nodding off as the adreanaline-pumping Mrs. Banks droned on and on and on and on and on about the rules, regulations, what they should or shouldn't do, the way to do it, and so on and on and on and on and on, never mind that they were all virtually the same things. It was truly incredible how she could make a hundred active young minds bursting with energy almost crying in boredom.
"All right, everyone clear?"
"You'll now be split into four groups. Group One shall go under Ruth and Bessy, Group Two under Teresa and Pat, Group Three Martha and Polly. Stella and I will be in charge of Group Four."


Reem said...

Hey, you commented on my blog and I thought I would return the Favor! thanks man for the inspiring words! Awesome blog by the way!

mOkKiEs® said...

thanks for the compliment, glad to have made a new friend! =]
hey btw every1, i came across this amazing flash file you HAVE to watch...i dunno how to put it in's not scary, funny, nor touching, but's simply INCREDIBLE.
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