Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Writer's Block

Hmm...am I becoming more introverted? These days I seem to prefer eating alone more...perhaps it's just sometimes too tedious to be constantly coming up with interesting topics for conversation. Being alone allows me time to think of "stuff" such as...erm, what to do for the rest of the day...how I'm going to do my assignments...and of course ideas for my stories! =]
Of course, rarely does anything more than the colour of the food sticks in my mind. Heh.
But enough of that! I haven't been talking about The Secret Room much, have I? Which probably explains the lack of feedback I've been receiving about it as well. Yeah, you reap what you sow, ohoho.
I'd say the story just got a whole lot more interesting - you might want to know that Stella is a totally new character I've just added on to the original story. Jan too is much more developed now compared to her "extra" role previously, making our leads a Harry Potter-esque trio comprising 2 guys and a girl.
Like I promised, I'm gonna add in more dynamics to the story, even the ending! This way, both those who have read it and haven't read it are going to have something to look forward to. Not so sure now how to handle the relationship between Mrs. Banks and Stella well. You know, the more I see it, the more I think this Stella has the potential to be an extremely complex character which ties a lot of the past and present of the Secret Room together. I have two ideas: either she becomes an "unwilling evil sidekick" of Mrs. Banks, or "good person with tortured past, driven to insanity". Obviously, these two are just grains of sand in a desert. Or snowflakes in an avalanche. You get the idea.
And since we're all gathered here, may I interest you in a little:
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nEphilim said...

ok-lah... at first i wanted to put "haha"... but den i shudn't... still, the thought of daniel behaving introvertedly in a crowd is... uhh, not wierd.. but rather unexpected... still, true oso... always coming up wif interesting topics for conversation isn't easy... dat's why it's a gift;)
uhh... like someone always says-lah... if got something to say den say-lah, nth to say den dun say n/ething-loh... nth wrong wat.. :P