Tuesday, January 04, 2005

An All-New Writer's Block

Heya all you lovely faces out there! I got myself a new template - ALL RITE!! Pardon my almost embarrassing excitement, but I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to these things. A big thank you to my friend Zhi Yang (not his real name) who helped me out a lot on those scary HTML thingies which...yeah, enable us to see those words we're reading now.
Not sure yet what to do with those link thingies on the left, but something good will probably come out of it sooner or later. And oh, in case you didn't notice, I adjusted the posting times as well. Couple that with the new layout, and some of the things said in previous Writer Blocks might no longer apply...and what happened to my lovely italics? But oh well, I guess bold isn't so bad either. At least now I can scan through Writer's dialogue at one glance.
Speaking of which, there still isn't a title for that story yet, is there? Does it even need one? It most likely does, for future reference. Let's call it...hmm, I dunno, "Blogspot"? Or "Story"? "Writing"? Blogspot sounds good to me.
Of course, everyone's curious about my second story. I mean, many people are curious. Okay, maybe some people are curious. But anyhow, I've been pretty curious myself these past few days. To be honest, Blogspot had what I feel was a perfect plot for such spontaneous conditions. The unwitting protagonist thrown into a strange world, slowly exploring his surroundings while more new mysteries popped up, leading to the eventual final battle where the psychotic villain's wicked yet intruiging scheme is revealed. In a way, it was the story I'd always had in my head but never sat down to write!
Hey, wasn't I supposed to talk about my new story? Umm...do give me another night to sort out those sketchy patches still floating around in my head. Haha, ~SUSPENSE~! But seriously, I'm quite decided on combining and refining one or two of my older stories. A few of you might have read them before, but heck, let's see if I manage to add in any "brilliante" ideas along the way. All it takes is...ONE!
Signing off is always difficult, and with the heaviest heart I now bid you all...AHAHAHA. Somebody's being possessed by Shakespeare. See all of you in the orphanage! (Where the next story is set in, apparently) ;^)

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