Friday, January 14, 2005

The Secret Room, 7th Chapter

"You've seriously got to be kidding," she narrowed her eyes. "There's no way of going in, and you know that."
"Yeah, that's why we need to figure out some way."
"But...why? I mean, if she doesn't want us to enter, there's bound to be some reason."
"Exactly. And that's what we're dying to find out."
Will explained what he had come across a few months back. Everything from the muffled screams to those two fingers slipping out beneath the door.
"So?" he clapped his hands together. "Interested in the Secret Room now?"
She nodded lightly. "A little."
"Well, how do we go about this now?" asked Jimmy.
"We could try asking the nice ladies."
An awkward pause ensued.
"Hey," Jan chipped in. "Do you guys know Stella?"
"She's one of the nice ladies, isn't she?"
"Whatever, I'm assuming that means she works here. Anyway, she's actually a friend of my cousin."
"Which means...?"
"Stop interrupting. If I remember correctly, she used to live in the orphanage as well, and once got into some minor trouble over that Secret Room."
Will and Jimmy appeared to be in deep thought.
"But that was a looong, looong time ago...probably seven or eight years back." she added. "I'm guessing she wouldn't want to talk about it anymore."
"Hold on there," Jimmy said. "Did you say seven or eight years back?"
"I sure did."
"That was about the time my eldest brother was here. And I think I do recall him mentioning some incident about the Secret Room which not many knew of. It involved three girls, didn't it?"
"I-I'm not sure."
"Oh, come on," Will got up impatiently. "Let's go ask Stella."

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