Thursday, October 28, 2004

Writer's Block

Haha, this is the only part of my blog which actually resembles a regular blog...guess I should've started this earlier, but oh well, better late than early rite? Rite...
Wow, it's been a week since I started this blog, and though it hasn't picked up any international awards or something, I must say at least it hasn't been condemned to the Land Of Forgotten Sucky Blogs yet. Things were quite scary in the beginning - there're few things in life scarier than standing on stage with an audience expecting something out of you, yet not knowing exactly what to do.
Thank God however, that at last this story seems to be heading somewhere. Yesterday while bathing (when most of my life-altering ideas occur), a vague "grand scheme" for Blogspot started appearing. Should be introducing some sub-villains, and a "Villain of All Villains", whom you'll have a "Final Hollywood-style Showdown" with. So where does that leave Toby/Melly/Moby/Telly? I must admit, they were sort of created just because I needed more that's what you call short-sighted planning. No long-term goals for them yet, but you never know. I'm guessing they'll be "transitionary characters", introducing you to Blogspot, before some more well-written character comes along. Something interesting might come out of Toby+Melly vs Moby+Telly, though...

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