Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Chapter 5: "Exploration"

Moby looked like he wanted to shrug, but changed his mind to avoid further disheartening me. "Perhaps we need to find more people who've been brought in here, so that we can learn how to escape."
Well, that sounded somewhat feasible. Somewhat.
"You see that blue bar on the side? The one with a white arrow on it? Hop on, and wait for the arrow to drag the bar along. That's how we get around here."
Dutifully, I cllimbed onto the bar with some help from Telly. Sure enough, a white arrow started snaking to the edge of it, tugging it downwards.
Before long, the black landscape began fading, giving way to strange symbols splashed across the ground. I tried to make out what they were, but the bar was moving too fast for me to see anything but blurry black shapes.
"Prepare to get off." came Telly's voice, snapping my concentration. The bar halted abruptly. She took my hand, and we got down, making our way to one of the weird markings. The moment we stood over it, it turned blue.
"Now, JUMP!" and...whoosh! Everything went white for a moment, then bit by bit a landscape started to appear. It was rather magical - first rows of mountains, followed by lush greenery, then a clear blue sky, birds, brown earth, and a sprinkling of run-down huts.
"Wow! That was cool." I said for all to hear. "Anyway, are we still in Blogspot, or what?"
Moby nodded. "I've never been in this section before, though."
"So, why are we here? Do you have a plan on how to get us all back home?"

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