Saturday, October 30, 2004

Writer's Block

Okie, short one the space of 24 hours, I've decided that Moby+Telly/ Toby+Melly needn't make way for some "more well-written character". I guess it's a case of improvising (improving?) on what you have, rather than starting all over from scratch. Still waiting for the right time and place to introduce another character, or is he/she even necessary? On one hand, I'd probably have to waste another good few pages making you guys care about him/her, but would the story still be able to maintain interest with just these 3 people? (Toby and Melly don't count ;p)
And surely Toby and Melly will have to return soon...which leaves me in somewhat of a sticky situation. I'm afraid there might be too many directions this is going - escaping Blogspot, defeating Mr. Super Villain, uncovering mysteries, Moby and friends. Wouldn't be surprised if some planned characters or plot lines are "combined", possibly even scrapped!
Yawnn...gonna sleep on it for now, maybe something will come up tomorrow. Or I could end up in some weird alternate universe. (Sheesh...shouldn't I be more concerned with globalisation, famines, and the like?) 8->

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