Saturday, October 30, 2004

Chapter 8: "Huts"

No! It was as though all the life had been sapped out of me. I slumped to the ground in despair, wishing this whole cruel episode would end now. It was bad enough that I had been taken from home, but now I couldn't even remember where my home was! Chances of me getting back anytime within the next seven thousand years were pretty bleak now.
"Huh?" asked Telly in surprise. "You forgot? But you only saw the light once! It takes more than once to wipe out your memory!"
"It's true." came my weak reply. "I-I can't recall anything before going to sleep and waking up here."
"Don't you worry, we'll get to the bottom of all this, i promise," Moby said. "Now that there're three of us, it shouldn't be hard if we know where to look. Let's start with these huts."
Before us stood rows of tattered huts which didn't look like they housed anyone. Somehow, such serene scenery felt quite out of place in the most absurd place I'd ever been to.
Crrreak! An unexpected gust of wind swung open the doors of the three huts closest to us. Every other hut remained firmly shut.
"It's a sign," muttered Moby. "Remember, everything here happens because someone higher up wants it to. I'm convinced we're supposed to enter these three huts."
Telly and I glanced at each other uneasily. "Should we split up, or enter together?"
"Hmm...I'm afraid we don't have much time left. Can't risk running into that light again, and having to start all over from somewhere unfamiliar."
"So," I swallowed hard. "We enter each hut alone."

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