Friday, October 22, 2004

Chapter 2: "Confusion"

"Hello?" I spoke somewhat to nobody. "But can someone please de-confuse me here?"
"Well, we would have, if somebody didn't take their own sweet time arriving!" snapped Melly.
Arriving? Where had I arrived at?
"Ahem." Toby cleared his throat. "I can't tell you where you are or who we are for certain'll just have to follow us for now."
All right, so that didn't sound convincing in the least bit.
Out of the blue, I visualised another boy and girl behind me. I turned around, and surprise, surprise! Two exact replicas of Toby and Melly stood there.
"Moby!" cried out Toby. "What are you doing here?"
"They found us!" Melly shrieked. "Hurry, let's run!"
She grabbed my arm while attempting to flee, but the Melly look-alike had her fingers wrapped around my other arm.
"Do not listen to them," said Melly Number Two slowly but deliberately. "Or else you shall never know any other home but this world."

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