Thursday, October 28, 2004

Chapter 6: "Telly"

"Every time that light comes around, it always leaves us somewhere unknown. That's how we ended up here, no further or nearer away from leaving Blogspot." explained Telly with a tinge of frustration in her voice.
A few awkward moments passed, as we trod towards the huts. Finally I cleared my throat, "So, where did you two come from? When were you brought into Blogspot?"
"Aha, you want an introduction of ourselves," smiled Telly.
"I was in an extremely depressed stage of my life. How I longed for time to be turned back...just two weeks, and everything would've been fine again. I'd always read stories of teens committing suicide, finding them pretty dumb and shallow-minded. But when I was in their shoes, it seemed to be the only way out."
"So one dark, dark Monday, before anyone else was up, I stole the keys to Dad's office block and made my way there. The climb to the roof was truly difficult, granted that my mind was made up it would be the last thing I ever did."
"And there I was. My watch read 6:48 a.m., and already some specks peppered the streets below. Funny how the very moment before you end your life, it always seems the right thing to do. You usually only have your regrets on the way down. In that one second towards the ground, I thought more than I usually would've thought about in an hour. What would happen after I landed splat on the sidewalk? Where would I be? What would happen to me there?"
"Suddenly, mere fractions of a second from death, I cried with all my heart. I cried like I'd never cried before, both regretting and frightened of what would happen next. Then a flash of light similar to the one you just saw hit me. Something weird happened...some time passed, but i had no idea how long it was, nor what happened within it. When I came to my senses, I was already in Blogspot. The same black empty space where you first saw us. And that's when I met Moby."

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