Saturday, October 30, 2004

Chapter 7: "Forgotten"

Moby smiled faintly. "Ah, yes, that's when I first met Telly."
"In a way," she continued. "Blogspot is like the afterlife to me. I considered myself dead after leaping off, and in fact I'm still unsure whether I really am dead. Sometimes I this heaven, or hell?"
I nodded my head grimly. "But how long have you been here?"
"That's the thing about this place. Every time that light hits, you lose a bit of your past recollections. Can't be totally sure any more, but I don't think I've seen the light over ten times."
"Same goes for me," interrupted Moby. "I've been here longer than Telly, that's for sure."
"So you don't remember anything about your past?"
"In bits and pieces. I remember this deserted warehouse...some tall men after me, thunder and lightning. Then came the light."
Things were getting more puzzling with every word spoken. What was that mysterious light, and where did it come from? Afraid that I might have lost some of my own memories, I racked my brains, trying to recall what happened before I came to Blogspot.
There was this headache...I'd slept...but wait, what about before that? I woke up, obviously, and...was it a morning? Yes, there had been sunlight.
And the night before...the night before...uh-oh, nothing was coming. Panicking, I tried furiously to make myself remember. It couldn't have been more than 24 hours! There was no way I could've forgotten.
"Mind if I ask in return?" Telly nudged me. "Where were you before all this?"
One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five seconds passed. Ever had one of those moments when you entered a room, but proceeded right away to forget what you came for? Well, it was happenning to me, just that this one lasted indefinitely.

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