Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chapter 1: "Lost"

Swoosh! On some mornings it happens, on some it just never comes. I sprang up from my bed without any need of those annoying tick-tock-tick-tock-ring thingys, as though there was something important going on today.
"Owww..." It felt as though I'd had a sack of potatoes on my forehead the whole night through. Pardon the fancy metaphors, but I wasn't exactly the sort to call a headache a headache. However, getting back to the matter at hand, there was this evil troll drumming incessantly within my skull, signalling the arrival of the God Of Headache. Or so I sometimes liked to believe.
Well, perhaps it would go away later. And the best way to get through pain sleep through it. Praising myself for such high-level intelligence, I sank back into the comfort of my soft, soft pillow. Ahh...begone, you evil troll of Evilness!

"Quiet, he's arriving soon."
"Well, it's about time...another minute more and I'd have grown a beard."
You know those moments when you're supposed to be sleeping, but you're not, and you hear people talking about someone you presume to be yourself? Well, this was one of it. The voices which sounded totally unfamiliar, belonged to a male and a female apparently in their teens.
Bit by bit I opened my eyes, hoping to quench my stirred-up curiousity. Black. Black. Black. Now this was weird, in the truest sense of the word. I was absolutely positive that my eyes were wide open, but it was as though they were still shut.
"Hullo!" A pimply-faced boy popped out before me. No, wait a minute...I couldn't really see him, just sort of imagine him. It was as though I was seeing him with just my mind's eye.
"You may call me Toby," he grinned widely. "And she is Melly."
Something stirred in my head, and I could somehow make out the features of a pony-tailed girl smiling at me, albeit forcefully.
Could this whole scenario actually be a bizarre dream I would wake up from, and relate in humour? There I was, nothing but a black void stretching out before me, with these two strangers who weren't there yet I could see and hear.

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nEphilim said...

i'm suggesting u could probably... probably.. uhh, idon't know-lah... dun have much to build on... u hardly started this story...
mebbe u can relate the two stories by turning toby into the troll and melly into the God of Headache...