Monday, October 25, 2004

Chapter 4: "Blogspot"

"We're Moby and Telly." said the two, answering my thoughts.
So that settled who I was stuck with, but would it make much of a difference? If only some enlightenment would be laid upon my dazed, confused, and blurrer-by-the-minute mind.
"Let me set some things straight for you," Telly said. "This world is known as Blogspot. Every-"
"What spot?"
"BLOG-spot. Now, like I was saying, everyone here once belonged to the real world. Nobody knows for sure how many people have been brought to Blogspot so far, and for what purpose."
"WHAT?! How then am I supposed to go back home?"
She shrugged. "I can't be totally sure, but it's something to do with defeating the purpose of us being here."
Oh-kayyy...but still something seemed amiss. "How about Toby and Melly, then? Why do you hate them so much? And what was that light just now?"
"They belong to a group known as the Antagonists." said Moby. "Every being here has an Antagonist, who'll do whatever it takes to keep you here as long as possible. The moment you manage to leave Blogspot, they stop being real."
"And as for the light, we only know that it's comes around once every while, and you'd best run away when it does."
I drew in a deep breath, trying to let that all sink in. "So, what next?"

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