Monday, October 25, 2004

Chapter 3: "Lights"

How do you spell that word starting with "di" and ending with "ma" again? You know, the one with a "le" sandwiched between? Now I had two choose between two weirdos and, weirdies.
"And you would be...?" I stared at Melly Number Two.
Right. Toby and Melly and Moby and Telly. It was as though some dumbo with a twisted sense of humour was plotting this entire scenario in the bathroom or something.
" you both sort of, hate those two?"
Moby was just about to reply when a ear-piercing screech jolted everyone. I looked at where the sound came from, and something unusual was going on. A tiny speck of greyish light flickered at the very edge of the black landscape. Pretty soon that tiny speck was tiny no more, and it was gradually turning a lighter shade of grey.
"Run!" Melly and Telly both shouted in unison, each grabbing an arm of mine. Both girls glared at one another, tugging even harder at me. Let's just say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience marred only by the sensation of being ripped in half.
"Stop it, Melly!" yelled Toby. "It's pointless if he doesn't come by his own free will. Let's go!"
At that point, the flicker of light grew astonishingly fast to the point of blinding me. I winced, closing my eyes instinctively. Then came a period when I completely lost all semblance of might have ranged anywhere from a split second to an eternity. I had no idea.
" eyes..." I finally reopened them, being greeted by the sight of a pimply-faced boy and a pony-tailed girl. This time around, I could actually see them, not just by imagination. But were they Toby and Melly, or Moby and Telly?

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