Monday, August 29, 2005

Writer's Block

"My love for him is like the deep blue sea - veli deep, veli blue, and veli sea."

Pardon that quotable quote people, still hung over my first impulsive theater viewing yesterday. It was a surprisingly entertaining piece entitled "Romi and Joo Lee dan Lain-lain" and as you might guess, is a farce on Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers. Not too heavy for a first-timer, hillarious beyond words, and very much Malaysian (or Manglish!). Well, what can I say? Suddenly a new alternative of entertainment has popped up for me, one that wallops TGV in edge-of-the-seat-ness. And it doesn't hurt that it makes you feel CULTURED~!
sEe, iM sO cUlTuReD i WrItE iN aLtErNaTiNg CaPs AnD sMaLl LeTtErS~!

"Oi fei chai, you want culture ah? Go eat yoghurt lah - faster effect."

Okok, back to non-theatericality. Ghostopia is again at a juncture of sorts, but aiyah, I dunno if we still care or not. I'll give everyone, myself included, the benefit of the doubt and assume that nails are still being bitten and breath is still bated for the finale.
So there you go, Fletcher and Amelia have been given the roles of Lucas and Andrea's alter egos. Another self-applaudingly "killing two birds with one stone" decision on the part of moi, as I get to elevate them both and give Nelson that depth, that past, that zing he needs. If I might even say, his feud with Mortie would've gotten quite ridiculous had those two not shown up. But of course now Nelson bears a grudge against him for creating false illusions for his buddies (Darren included).
Hey, wait! You should be figuring these stuff for yourself.
And since we're going much into their botched first escape, Nelson's insistence that "the dead should stay dead" etc etc, this presents a perfect chance to dish out those "underlying themes" of...second chances lah, death lah, life lah...that's what seperates the men from the boys, bay-beh.
Currently in my mind, a perfect scenario leading to the climax would be everyone having their individual motivations for the escape - of course, some of these ideologies would clash and ultimately it all comes blazing into a fiery finish. Still contemplating on making it fiery, but it'll have to be tragic in some way, I guess. I mean, what's the point of making and nurturing characters if you don't murder them senselessly in the end? Die, Darren, DIE!
August's drawing to an end, and I figure I'll just manage to squeeze in the mimum quota of 15 posts per month, partly thanks to the 31st day. Haha. And boy oh boy, you better stick around for October, which marks both the birthdays of Twisted Tales and myself. Cos I've got a neat-o complete-o idea lined up for the entire month - a birthday bash of sorts. Brace yourself for a torrid time, I'm gonna be plugging this for the whole of September.
So sit back, puff up your seat real nice, and prop up your feet - cos there really isn't any excuse not to soak it all in! See you in the very-immediate future. =^)

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