Friday, August 05, 2005

Writer's Block: Starless Nights (A Very Strange Poem Indeed)

One day I went back
Under a starless sky black
Where we sat before
But she was there no more

I called out, sobbing
All was dark
All was still

What a terrible thing to happen

The angry men marched, marched, and marched
They shouted, shouted, and shouted
Terrified, she
Vanished into the night

We made too much noise, the men became angry men
They wanted us to be quiet
Somehow, she found them adorable
And laughed so hard that
I laughed too

I remember that night

When dawn broke she would disappear
Till the sky turned black
I knew I would be lonely

Under the gleaming moon we danced
Through the wet grass we pranced

She winked at me
I smiled back
She stuck out her tongue
And we laughed happily

A starless sky black
That was when I met Lullabelle
She was a long floppy bunny
Sometimes green, sometimes blue,
Sometimes pink
But never white.

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