Friday, August 12, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 50: Lucas And Andrea

"WHAT?" Darren squawked. "You have an ExorPrism too?"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's with the big reaction, pal?"
"Erm, well...Mortie has one too. He used it to Exorcise those Spooks in the Lower Level Office."
Nelson's eyes widened. "Mortie has an ExorPrism? The very same as this?" He twirled the prism in his hand for Darren to see.
Darren nodded.
"Did it turn white when he Exorcised the Spook?"
"Umm...yes it did."
"Holy cow," Nelson frowned. "This can't be good. Someone must have figured out how to make them again. This was the only one we managed to save from destruction."
Darren started putting two and two together. "So you and Lucas survived the trip to living world, then you cam back, and both of you were the ones who created the ExorPrism?"
"Correction. There was another girl too - Andrea."
"Andrea...and Lucas. Where are they now?"
"I don't know. After the authorities cracked down on us, we just parted ways. They were devastated, to say the least, that there would be no second chance at escape. I, on the other hand, was resigned to the fact that the dead should stay dead."
"Wait," Darren said. "That figures. Isn't it likely one of them is the one making new ExorPrisms?"
"Impossible. The authorities destroyed all the recipes as well."
"But what if they rediscovered the recipe, or made them from memory?"
Nelson muttered something inaudible. "I doubt it. There is just no way you can make an ExorPrism from memory."
"Well, maybe they somehow got luc-"
"There's only one thing for me to do," he cut him off. "Darren, when is the next meeting?"
"Good. Count me in. I'm going to confront Mortie - and hopefully talk some sense into him."

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