Sunday, August 14, 2005

Whiner's Block a brilliant idea this is. I shall try regular blogging for once, in a brand-new column called the "Whiner's Block".

Regular blogging.

Right. Where you complain about the haze, exams, homework, parents, and friends.

First off: this month has been so unlucky for me that it's getting a little creepy. I mean, it's not just regular unlucky, but unlucky supersized with extra toppings and a cherry on top.
This tale starts two Thursdays ago when I was in Friend A's house using his computer to finish an assignment for Billboard Design. So blahblahblahblah, after several weird computer mishaps which left me in the grip of The Last Minute yet again, I was ready to save the work into my pendrive.
And then it happened.
"This file cannot be saved because the path is too deep."
File, Save As, Save...once again, "This file cannot be saved because the path is too deep."
Oh, man.
So never mind, I burned it into a CD. Then later on in class, more freaky computer mishaps happened, but we needn't elaborate on that...'cos the best is yet to come.
Suddenly! For no comprehensible reason! My pendrive dies! Yeah, dies. None of the computers could detect it. Though I anxiously go around sticking it into every laptop I could find, the results came out the same every time: My Pendrive Had Ceased To Exist Functionally.
And you thought that was the "best yet to come"? Nuh-uh. Later on that very same night, My Pendrive Ceased To Exist Physically as well! It disappeared, I swear! One minute it was in my pocket, the next it wasn't.
So kind Friend B lent me his spare pendrive as a temporary stand-by, which I accepted gratefully. I went home, drained to say the least, and proceeded to take off my glasses to wash my face.
Out of a random improbable chance, the frame of my glasses broke. Sigh. Thank God I wouldn't be needing them while sleeping.
But wait, that's just Day One.
Day Two (Sunday) kicks off with me shifting my whole computer to Friend A's house to finish up my a website project. So I slip Friend B's pendrive into my pocket, complete with all the neccessary files. Fast forward to said house, and voila! Now you see pendrive, now you don't.
*curses* This is beyond unreal MAN. Who in the history of humankind has ever lost 2 pendrives in 4 days? I should be in the record books or something. Oh well, the silver lining would be that Friend A's computer had my files too. In an unrelated incident, I bumped my car slightly into his gate as I was reversing. No damages done, which is why it's unrelated.
Moving on.
Monday, and fortunately my portfolio website didn't screw up or anything. Things went well classes-wise, apart from the fact that the exasperated Visual Studies lecturer claimed that our 80% empty class was the "worst Advertising class he had ever taught".
But here comes the unlucky-ish part. I was supposed to go straight home after class at 4.30 and start work on my assignment due Wednesday. However, as "luck" would have it, I ended up fetching a sick Friend C home in nearby Subang. Quite an innocent lil' trip, you might think.
Sadly, her directions for a shortcut back to Sunway were misunderstood by me, and I spent the next 2 hours wandering around in remote places like Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Subang Airport and the like. Heck, I even watched the sun set with Friend A and D (who happened to be dragged along by me for the ride). Oh, and did you know that there IS a place called "Kampung Subang" and "Bukit Subang"? Now you kow. Suffice to say, I reached home extremely late and tired, giving way to an almighty rush on Tuesday and Wednesday.
And then came the killer blow just last night (Saturday). Penniless ol' me withdrew RM50 to pay for printing, and I clearly remember the guy at the shop giving me back RM42 change. Logically speaking, I would've put it back into my wallet. I'm pretty sure I did.
But if logic was the theme of this post, then the RM42 would still be in my wallet. Instead of me opening it to pay for a drink and discovering to my horror that it disappeared.
Take your pick, but that was the final confirms the black halo floating above me that says "BAD LUCK". Did you watch Final Destination? Well, that happened to several people. This time, I'm taking all the shots. Curiously, this month coincides with the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, and I had a giant Chinese character of "Ghost" splashed on my desktop last week.
Grrr...on a brighter note, today's Fundraising For Graduation Campaign Flea Market At Amcorp Mall went off quite well for a first time. Raked in RM400, and a jumbo-sized THANK YOU to the 3 caricature artists who worked their butts off the whole day long. Not forgetting the Henna tattoo people, birthday girl-cum-president Xin and everyone else who helped out in one way or another (the category of choice for yours truly, hohoho). But the caricature artists were the ones who really made me go wow.
If things go well, we'll probably get to double that amount of earnings for the Sunway Lagoon activities next week or future rounds in Amcorp Mall. But all that aside, it was good to see Batch 26 working together, each contributing with their individual strengths. Everyone felt to me like a part of a massively talented and creative team, not students whom the committee had to "take care of". Good times, good times, I wouldn't mind seconds. =^) Just wish I didn't have to skip church for the next two Saturdays.
And ya lah, I'm studying in The One Academy, the draw-draw one ah. Art, you know? Next to Sunway Pyramid? No, not Sunway College. No, not Limkokwing.

So hehe yeah, it's been a pretty long post, but that's what you call value for money. Not that you're paying, catch my drift. Will likely be posting a Writer's Block tomorrow, where we drown away all our sorrows and down ourselves with Ghostopia...
Till then, bye!

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