Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 55: Love And Hate

"It doesn't?" Fletcher smirked. "So now killing a human doesn't matter? Then why are you stopping us?"
"That's not what I meant. You know what I'm trying to say."
"Nelson," quipped Darren. "Who was it that you murdered?"
His face reddened. "I SAID IT DOESN'T MATTER!"
Everyone hushed, taken aback by his sudden outburst. Nelson, slightly embarassed, continued in a lower voice, "All I'm saying is that there are bound to be consequences if you return to the living world. Let the ones who're alive live their lives in peace."
"I disagree," Mortie coughed. "Do we not deserve to be alive as well? Was it not by mere accidents, coincidences, and unfortunate circumstances that we're all gathered here today in this pitiful wreck of a world, instead of growing older with our loved ones?"
"All we're trying to do, Nelson, is to give ourselves a second chance," Amelia said. "Don't you want that too? Have you forgotten how unjustly you died?"
"Unlike you, I don't believe we died by chance. We all think we'll keep living forever, but just because you don't see your death coming, does that make yours a wasted life? Isn't the existence of Ghostopia itself a second chance? What're you gonna do if you go back, and die unjustly again? Keep going back until you manage to die grey and wrinkled?"
"Ahem," The strangely-quiet Kat cleared her throat, making everyone turn their heads. "The way I see it, there're two reasons why a Ghost would want to live again - love or hate."
"Love would be those instances which you've just heard; wanting to see your loved ones, wanting a death that didn't suck so badly, disliking the way things are done in Ghostopia - basically, love for your own life. Under those motivations, I would have no problem agreeing with your views." she said to Nelson. "But of course there's always another side to the story. Hate. I am one of those driven by hate to return."
One side of Nelson's lips twitched. "Really,"
She glanced uncertainly at Mortie, who responded with a comforting nod. "I am about to tell you all a story which I've never told anyone save for Mortie. Not a single other soul, I swear. The story of how I died."

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