Thursday, August 18, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 46-50

News of the break-in is reported in the papers, with the authorities saying that security will be tightened around both the Main Offices. Nelson suddenly becomes angry with Darren, warning him that trying to escape from Ghostopia, like what he did with the Ezisa years back, is a folly.
His story: after he arrived in Ghostopia, he made friends with two guys named Lucas and Greg. The three wanted to set up their own stall in the marketplace, but were denied licences for being "too young". Finally, they discovered the Ezisa. Led by the leader of the organisation, James, they easily managed to steal all four records and re-enter the living world.
However, Nelson ends his story there with the revelation that they killed a human in the living world. (Writer's Note: You should know that almost the whole group ends up getting Exorcised, leaving only a few survivors.) Then to Darren's shock, Nelson brings out an ExorPrism which he has hid for three years.
Apparently, Mortie, Lucas, and Andrea, the only survivors of the escape, were the ones who invented the prism. Nelson is puzzled at how Mortie could've gotten his hands on one, seeing that the authorities destroyed all the original prisms and recipes, and that it would be near impossible to make one from memory.
Nelson finally decides to follow Darren to the night's Ezisa meeting to confront Mortie, leading us into Chapter 51.

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