Monday, August 01, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 46: Stirring Up Trouble

"Huh? What morning news?"
"This morning news." Nelson flipped the Ghost Times to a page with a screaming headline: "SECOND BREAK-IN!"
Darren read on, much more awake now.

"Second Lower Level Office breach in three days, Spook Exorcised"
"The Level 94 Office was broken into late last night by a group of intruders who managed to destroy the copy of Records Of New Ghosts stored in the quarters. This comes a day after a similar attempt in the Lower Level Office of Unprotected Ghostopia.
The decapitated corpse of a Spook was recovered, also believed to be the work of the intruders. Authorities have yet to gain a lead on the identity of the group responsible.
Lester 61330, the head of security of the Level 94 Office said the group, consisting of seven members, had left their GIC cards with him.
"I refused to give them back till their leader filed a full report detailing their organisation. Which of course, he didn't do. However, all checks on their GICs have brought nothing up. It appears the cards have been blocked."
Sketches of the suspects are to be released soon, he added.
Meanwhile, security around the Main Offices in Protected and Unprotected Ghostopia has been beefed up, as they are rumoured to be the next targets."

Darren put down the paper, not sure what to say. Twenty years in the living world and he never made it further than the campus journal, and now he was in the news after a week in Ghostopia? "Hats off to you guys," Nelson smiled. Or was he smirking? "I never imagined you would pull it off so quickly. And kill a Spook in the process."
" was a team effort."
Suddenly Nelson slapped his hand on the paper in anger. "You're feeling pretty good about this, aren't you? Two down, two more to go, is that it?"
His sudden change in emotion surprised Darren. "Hey...what's wrong?"
"You have no idea." he shook his head . "NO idea. You just got yourself in a whole lot of trouble, pal."
"What, the authorities are gonna imprison me now?"
"It gets much more complicated than that. Trust me, you have no idea."
A short pause ensued.
"Speaking of no idea, Nelson - I had no idea that you had a past with the Ezisa."
Nelson widened his eyes. "Me? Ezisa? Who told you that?"
"Kat did."
"Kat, that girl who conned you the moment you came here?" he rolled his eyes. "Sure."


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