Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 52: Nelson, Meet Mortie

"They're here!"
Kat froze in place, eyes darting around for somewhere to hide.
"If you're thinking of hiding, I advise against that. Those darned Spooks will search the place inside-out." said Nelson. "Is there another exit?"
Kat nodded. "There's one at the back, next to the meeting room."
"Let's get out first before talking."
She hurriedly led them past the gyrating dancers to the back of the cafe. Sure enough, an inconspicuous steel door stood just on the left of the meeting room. She opened it for them, revealing behind a damp back alley. It was starting to drizzle outside. The three stepped outside and Kat closed the door behind them, careful not too make too much noise.
"Hey, look." quipped Darren. "There he is."
Mortie leaned against the wall half-drenched, a weird scowl plastered on his face. "Oh," he flicked his cigarette to the ground. "You came."
His eyes darted over Darren, Kat, then stopped at Nelson. "And you would be?"
"Nelson. Mortie?"
"Mortie's the name all right." They shook hands.
"I was about to attend your meeting tonight, actually."
Mortie frowned for a moment, then grinned. "You're Darren's friend, right?"
"Then sure, why not? Only problem now - we've got nowhere to meet."
"I'm willing to lend you guys my house."
Mortie wiped his wet forehead. "Excellent! Kat, tell the others that we'll be meeting in Nelson's house. Where's it at, Nelson?"
"Level 20 - 1 below the marketplace."
"I see...why the keen interest in our little group all of a sudden, may I ask?"
"Hohoho. There'll be a time for talking - shouldn't we be getting ourselves somewhere dry now?"
"Yup. I guess we should," Mortie chuckled. "Kat, I'll be seeing you with the rest at Nelson's house."
She nodded. "Sure thing."
Darren nervously checked out both the faces of Nelson and Mortie. There seemed to be an unsettling calmness in their expressions, one that threatened to boil over to a gentlemanly debate or a fistfight at any moment.


nEphilim said...

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