Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 36: We're Going In!

"That's what those guys in Unprotected Ghostopia thought too," snorted Mortie. "Listen, you, these guys aren't like any of those amateur lawbreakers you've seen. Eleven Spooks in that other Office, and not a single one saw them."
Lester cocked an eyebrow. "Eleven Spooks?"
"Eleven Spooks."
"Where the heck did they get eleven Spooks?"
"That, Mr. Lester, is beside the point." Mortie said with a mildly irritated tone. "We're running out of time here. In less than half an hour, the records will be gone if you don't let us in."
Lester puffed his cheeks and checked his watch. "I'm gonna need some identification here. Your GIC Cards, please."
Darren and the rest looked at each other unsurely.
"You heard the man, guys," Mortie calmly told them. "Your GIC Cards, please."
Oh well, Darren shrugged. Mortie knows best. He duly dug out his six-pointed card and handed it to him. The others followed suit.
"There you go," Mortie dumped all the cards on his desk, then gestured to the stairs. "May we?"
Lester, furiously studying their cards, grunted something inaudible.

"Third floor, third floor, let's get moving," Mortie motioned them to follow him. "Curses, that guy took up too much of our time. We've only got less than 30 minutes before the stuff we drank stops working."
"What do we do if we come across any Spooks?" Kat asked.
"Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me," he suddenly stopped, bringing the entire group to a halt. "Guys, let's split into groups of twos and threes - the Spooks will grow suspicious if they see too many of us at once. Kat, you go with Darren; Fletcher, Scarlet, and Todd, you three together. I'll go with Amelia."
"You two," he pointed at Kat and Darren. "Go to the fourth floor. The other three - second floor. Amelia and I will come up a minute later to the third floor, and we'll tell the Spooks that the fourth floor and second floor need their help. Once they come, I leave it to you to keep them there as long as you can while Amelia and I handle the records. Got it?"
Everyone nodded their heads firmly. Darren got the plan in bits and parts, but he figured Kat should be able to cover up for him.
"Just a reminder - stay cool, stay steady. Those Spooks will see you as Spooks - and Spooks are always in control. Never betray that fact."

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