Saturday, June 11, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 26-30

In the meeting, Fletcher, one of the attendees, goes on to reveal that nobody grows older in Ghostopia - all because of the age freeze policy enforced by the bickering authorities.
Mortie then states their plan of escape: get rid of the four newcomer records that are kept by the authorities - two in Protected Ghostopia and two in Unprotected Ghostopia. He hopes to receive a report from the Ezisa team in Unprotected Ghostopia in time for their Friday meeting.
The meeting then ends, and we fast forward to the next morning where Darren is telling Nelson about the Ezisa. Nelson cautions him, saying that some Ghosts have previously managed to escape Ghostopia, but failed to enter the living world. They ended up being Exorcised - totally removed from existence.
After some pondering and realisation that the Ghosts were a depressed lot since the age freeze policy came about, Friday night comes at last for Darren. He eagerly goes to The Haunt with Nelson and keeps a look out for the Ezisa members, leading us into Chapter 31.

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