Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 37: Kat Talks

"Hey, you got all that?" Darren turned to Kat as they strode up the gradually steeping staircase. "I mean, the plan."
"Uh-huh," she looked back. "You didn't?"
"Nah, just asking."
They went up another flight of stairs, ignoring any Spooks they came across. It was intimidating to have their massive bodies glare your way for a few seconds before coming to the strange conclusion that you were one of them. Faithful to Mortie's advice, Darren and Kat just returned passing glances and went on their way.
"Okie-dokie, here we are," Kat said at the end of a remarkably difficult flight of stairs. "Now we just wait for the Spooks Mortie send to show up.
"Right." He nodded, wanting to add something but unable to.
She clasped her hands together.
Was he supposed to say something?
Darren tried to listen out for any sounds from the lower floors, but only a holed-up silence echoed. He stared at Kat again. Now her eyes were shut, as if trying to recall something.
Oh well, Darren sighed to himself. He was being silly again. Nothing to it, you idiot. Just start a freaking conversation.
"How was your life like? When you were alive."
She laughed. It sounded a little nervous. "It was okay. Died young, not much of a story. Bleh."
"You know, you're sometimes very hard to understand Kat," He was surprised he actually said that. "You have such strong viewpoints about Ghostopia, about life, about just anything, but I have no idea what shaped these viewpoints."
She couldn't help raising an eyebrow.
"Uhh, I'm sorry if I was rude," he said. "I've been wondering, that's all."
She laughed again, louder this time. "Didn't Nelson tell you about my past?"
"Nelson? He told me about your exploits as a consperson, but I figure that's all he knows."
"Liar. He knows a whole lot about me."
"Why would you say that?"
"I bet he told you that he hasn't been here for long too."
"Hmm...about a year."
"A year? Crap!" She faked a laugh. "He came in before me. And I've been dead for four years."

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