Tuesday, June 28, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 31-35

(Whoa...the longest reCAPPENING yet, I'm sure of it. Good, shows that the story is gaining more flesh.)

After the night's performances end, Darren finally spots Kat. She is curiously more dressed up than usually, with the reason given "A sign of celebration". The meeting starts soon, and Nelson refuses to join them even after being persuaded by Darren.
Fast forward to the meeting, where Mortie informs them that the team in Unprotected Ghostopia was successful in destroying their Lower Level Office's records - the cause of the "celebration". To the shock of everyone in the room, he then proposes that they go for their Lower Level Office that very night.
According to his research, the Office - located in Level 94 - is carrying out some rearranging work for the night, making it their best chance of going about unnoticed. The rest disagree with Mortie's plan, saying that the eight Spooks on guard there might be too dangerous for them.
It is then Darren finds out that all Spooks are selected from Ghosts who have committed suicide in their past life. Each Spook possesses a power - called a Supernatural - that comes from how they killed themselves.
Mortie continues presenting his findings - the weaknesses of a Spook. Firstly, it becomes less wary when around its own kind. Secondly, it can see all things only as a Spook or a Ghost - nothing in between. He then produces some vials containing liquid which he claims will turn their bodily structures into Spooks for an hour.
After Darren and the rest drink it, they make their way to the Lower Level Office. Mortie claims to the guard that they're there as extra security for the records which are about to be stolen. However, the guard still has a hard time buying it, stating that the Spooks on duty are enough, leading us into Chapter 36.

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