Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 34: To Overcome A Spook,...

Very interesting indeed. Darren seemed to be discovering a new quirk of this world every turn he took.
"I say we forget those Spooks," Fletcher said. "Amelia said there're only two of them on each floor at one time. We've got quite a number of us ourselves, no reason to feel outnumbered."
"Excuse me, have you been caught by a Spook before?" Kat retorted mockingly.
Fletcher glared back at her.
"Well, I have," she said in a low voice. "I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't a pleasing experience. At all."
Did she mean the time they tailed her to the back alley? That wasn't such a traumatising experience - even the prison cell had been fairly comfortable. Either she was lying, or it wasn't her first time getting caught by Spooks.
"Listen, listen," said Mortie with the tone of a wearied father. "I never said anything about fighting those Spooks headon. We're breaking in under false pretense."
"Again, doing your homework counts," Mortie grinned, pointing to his head. "To overcome an enemy, you must first discover the enemy's weaknesses."
"And a Spook's first weakness is that it becomes less suspicious of other Spooks. So simple enough, we enter as Spooks."
Huh? Enter as what?
"Well, Mr. Mortie," Kat seemed a little taken aback by his idea. "How the heck are we going to become Spooks?"
"You should've let me continue. The Spook's second weakness - it can see all beings only as a Ghost or a Spook. So if we stop being Ghosts for those few minutes, they'll think we're Spooks."
This was getting even more mind-boggling than high school chemistry to Darren. However, he chose to shut up and let Mortie finish his piece.
"I won't waste everyone's time detailing how I got these," he continued, reaching for a wooden box at his feet. "But this'll turn our bodily structures into Spooks for an hour."
He flipped open the lid, revealing a row of vials filled with some bubbling liquid.
"Drink this, all of you."
Everyone grabbed a vial each, uncorked it, and downed the liquid without blinking an eye. Everyone but Darren. He wasn't so sure if this was the right thing to do.
He peered around to check the others. Everything stayed the same - no green skin, no overgrown heads, no screams of agony. They could've well been drinking Coke.
"C'mon, Darren, get it over with quick." Mortie urged him.
Oh well, he thought. He was already dead. Gulp, gulp, gulp. It tasted like plain water with a sourish aftertaste.
Of course, nothing happened.

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