Thursday, June 23, 2005

Writer's Block

Three whole weeks without a proper Writer's Block detailing the progress of the story! How did you make it through, ppl?!
An apology to kickstart things, for updating noticably much less in the past weeks. Yeah, face facts, all you dudes and dudettes, I'm BEEZEE! Woohoo! BEEZEE! Which makes me unable to blog twice a day! BEEZEE~!
But you sure as anything didn't come here to be entertained by THIS~!, so let's talk about Ghostopia:
It sends a shiver down my spine, the thought that this story is possibly going downhill fast. Sure, updating less regularly tends to make the story more stale and plodding, but I believe the lack of planning is starting to show. Sometimes it seems like we're drifting towards something memorable, but other times I just feel like I'm stuck with a messy bunch of characters held together in contrived situations.
You might say it boils down to the lack of an "Arc", a "Theme", a giant umbrella unifying all the characters and the story as a whole. Or maybe I'm really trying to do too much with too little a space. Let's face it - a few paragraphs per chapter, 30+ Chapters, you're not gonna get much more length than 3 or 4 Chapters of an actual novel. But yet, I'm compressing everything to make it look as though we're into Chpater 8-10 of said actual novel.
So, lack of planning and lack of space is ruining my story. What's new?!
But all hope ain't lost yet, we still might salvage something from the remaining bits. The break-in to the Lower Level Office we're getting next could somesort be Darren's "point of no return". Him and the Ezisa. Meaning: we're moving out of the secret underground meetings to a full-fledged "strike against the authorities". It was nowhere in my plans to make this happen so fast, but we're seriously stuck in a rut here, and I'm so not taking my trump cards with me to the grave.
Nelson and Kat are also gonna have to be more 3-dimensional than the sparse "Darren's friend" and "mysterious, rebellious girl" roles they're currently having. Of course, with all this development, someone might get pushed to the background. Either Mortie or Fletcher, I'm guessing. Wink, wink - don't say you weren't warned.
Of course, the big finale is a long way off still, and manymany roads have to be straightened before we get there. Admitedly, I'm pretty much adjusting them as I go with the stories - not a good thing, not a bad thing either. And I'm telling you, we WILL get to 100 Chapters. We most certainly could.
Not the best way to wrap things up, but I'm having a thing for Martina McBride! And JEM And The Holograms songs! (Though I'm betting nobody has a clue what the latter is)

Till we meet again, Music Is Magic! ;^)

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