Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 27: The Plan, First Revealed

"What do you mean nobody grows older? I'm gonna stay twenty for the rest of my life?" A horrified Darren exclaimed.
"At least till the authorities put a stop to this policy." Mortie explained.
Fletcher banged his fist against the chair. "Or we do."
"Can't the Ghosts protest or something? Surely there're others who object to this." said Darren.
"Phooey,"Fletcher barely tried to hide his disdain. "What makes you think high-up people like them want to have anything to do with crap like us?"
"Puh-lease, Fletcher," Kat sneered at him. "Spare us the act. We've heard that tripe enough times before."
He stared back daggers at her. Uh-oh, Darren thought. Fletcher was the token self-proclaimed 'smarter than the rest' sort Kat disliked. This was subtly degenerating into a clash.
"I've got enough on my hands already without you two bickering," Mortie played the peacemaker. "Shall we proceed to more pressing matters?"
Fletcher and Kat gave each other a mild scowl. "Let's,"
"Thank you. First of all, Darren, let me educate you on the basics of our plan."
"Now, the reason we can't 'waltz out of the gates' is because the authorities have a record of all new entries. You might've heard that Ghostopia is divided into a Protected and Unprotected side - sort of like the idea of heaven and hell the living world has. Protected Ghostopia, which we're now in, is governed by a body of Angels; likewise, a body of Demons for Unprotected Ghostopia."
"In each of the two realms, two copies of the records are kept - one in the Main Office, another in a Lower Level Office. It goes without saying that we have to destroy all four copies before we can escape. Currently, another Ezisa team in Unprotected Ghostopia is making an attempt on their Lower Level Office - I hope to recieve their report by Friday."
Everyone nodded in deep thought. "So when are we starting our side of the plan?" Kat asked.
"If all goes well on their side, I'll brief you all in Friday's meeting and there we go. If not, which I pray doesn't happen, we'll have to assemble a second team there."
Heart racing fast, Darren just couldn't believe what he had stumbled upon. Here, in this dingy room at the back of a cafe, the seeds of a rebellion were being planted.

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