Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 32: Tonight

"Come on, Nelson! What do you have to lose?"
"Let's beauty sleep?" he chuckled. "Nah, seriously pal, I'm not getting myself into this.
"But why? It's too dangerous?"
"You could say that. Or maybe I'm just skeptical."
"Skeptical," Darren repeated to himself. "You think we're gonna fail?"
"Ah, don't you worry so much what people like me say. I'll see you tomorrow at the stall again, bye."
Darren eyed Nelson all the way out. Now he was starting to get mysterious. Though it could very well be a baseless intuition, Darren couldn't shake off the feeling that Nelson had more lnowledge of the Ezisa than he'd shared.
But that would have to wait till tomorrow morning. Seeing the cafe nearing emptiness, he trodded quickly to the meeting room.

Though poorly-lit as always, an air of festivity hung over the little room tonight. The others came dressed in un-sombre colours unlike those he'd grown used to in Ghostopia. Even some of the furniture was draped in some lavish-looking fabric. And were those balloons hidden in a dark corner?
"There you are, Darren!" Mortie showed him a chair. "Just in time for my grand announcement!"
Kat and the rest shifted nervously.
"Most of you should have heard that our Ezisa team in Unprotected Ghostopia was, I'm glad to say, very successful. Their Lower Level Office records have already been taken care of."
Everyone clapped and cheered mildly, telegraphing the fact that Darren was the only one not in the know. So that explained the celebratory tones.
"Which brings us to the obvious question," he continued. "When do we get to action ourselves? What do you think?"
Everyone looked around in an unsure manner. "Question, Mortie," Kat raised her hand. "Do we have all the information we need about our Lower Level Office?"
"Of course."
"Then why not tomorrow night?"
Mortie's eyes glinted in the red light. "Why not tonight?"

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