Thursday, June 02, 2005

Writer's Block

Bleh...believe it or not, Chapter 27 took me a full three days to write. Not so much that I'm much busier these days, but perhaps I'm just too afraid of spoiling the good part of the story that I'm taking it slooowly.
Alas, I'm not in the mood for a well-structured post, so let's just dig in to the recesses of my mind and see what pops out to say hello:

- Yay, point forms are good. They make the disorganised seem organised.

- In the past week, I find myself having to do more than "think in the bathroom" for ways to further my story. This translates into (boy, am I ashamed to admit this) actually sitting down and making a list of where the plot and characters are now at, and where I hope to bring them to. Can't say that it all cleared up after this exercise (conveniently carried out in front of the idiot box), but at least now we'll have some memorabilia to auction off after I'm ...I' know. ;^)

- If you really must ask: the more headache-arousing issues are Kat's background and the entire direction of this Ezisa thing. It's difficult when what you originally plan just won't fit in, and you end up trying to modify everything else so that that fits in. Then you think, "Wait, that's wrong. I can't be so deadset on one single idea that everything else loses continuity." B-b-but...that idea is just so darned cool! Hey, let's throw in an irrelevant analogy for good measure: you're a master pianist, but because of an ancient family curse, you are only allowed to play the guitar in public. (questionmarkquestionmarkquestionmark???)

- Yesterday in the Graduation Campaign class, a survey was done to see how many students were interested to pursue a course in Copywriting and Storytelling after graduating. And all I could say was: Whoa. Copywriting I understand, but Storytelling? I never imagined there was such a high level of interest in that in my college, and apparently, most of the responses were positive. I think. Oh, yummy. It would be good to finally be able to see what real professionals have to say about this - though I suspect it'll be catered more for Digital Animation purposes, as opposed to the Twisted Tales variety.

- Should I rechange my template to the old one? I still haven't figured out how to include comments with this new one, and it does include one scroll bar too many. But...wait! If I change my template again, it'll show that I'm indecisive! And weak! NOOOO~!

- Honey Stars. DO NOT BUY THEM. You'll be munching and chomping at them the whole night till your teeth hurt. Like I was yesterday.

- Resorting to talking about artificially flavoured cereals, that's a sure sign my time's up. Before I leave you to fulfill your quota for Days Left In Bodily Existence, here's a thought to munch on:
"How is it possible to love someone the most all your life?"

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