Thursday, April 28, 2005

Writer's Block

I had an interesting thought today (as always, in the bathroom) - imagine if you could go back in time and meet yourself. Yes, yourself. Not back too far, perhaps 2, 3, or 4 years.
Then picture the two of you (Lol, is that a pun? Unintended, anyway) sitting down at a long table with two glasses of water inside some conference hall. Now, the two of you start yapping away on issues you feel strongly about. Oh, I dunno - politics, the economy, religion, careers, and the like. Or possibly something less mind-boggling - opinions on your friends, family, favourite celebrities, TV shows, etc.
And here comes the whole point of it: would you have a pleasant, amicable chat with "yourself"? Or would you start barking at each other? Methinks it should be either one of these two scenarios, no? Come on, you know you can be perfectly honest with "yourself"...
So what would it mean if you disagree with the old you each time he/she opens his/her mouth? Well, interestingly I think I would fit into this category; meaning that my viewpoints on various issues have changed considerably in these few years.
Again, this isn't a psychology test where you're a better or worse person because of the outcome of that given scenario. Just pondering on how it'd feel like to talk to your past self...hmm, maybe I should write a story on that...
Speaking of stories, as I artfully segue into my discussion of Ghostopia, are things moving too slowly? From where I stand right now, it seems okie-dokie. Again, I remain deadset on "novellising" this story. Instead of doing mere storylines, let us delve into "arcs", "split plots", "character development" and those fancy stuff I always hear about. So, like I've mentioned before, it's simply ridiculous to expect a freakin' plot twist every chapter.
Was continuing Les Miserables today, in a futile attempt to appear well-read. And you know what? Suddenly I realised I could fashion a lot of my later Ghostopia chapters after it. Nothing much to give away yet, but a play on revolutions-cum-politics stuff could give me an easy way into the "human nature" angle I vowed to include this time round. Here's a draft: Darren, Nelson, and Kat will be involved in some protest against some Ghostopia policy, leading to them forming political parties, taking different sides and climaxing in some...uh, climax. And you know what? All this brainstorming occurred in the only-place-in-the-house-filthier-than-the-bathroom. Guess I do think best when I'm ridding myself of impurities!
And speaking of impurities, here comes my wave of goodbye to you. SEGUE~! Do remember to check back as often as humanly possible for fresh spices in the bubbling, toiling cauldron of Ghostopia goodness!


Anonymous said...


i do most of my thinking in the bathroom too. ;p and i'm not the only one who does it (as i know of) so we can practically form a clan. ;p


mOkKiEs® said...

yeap...we should ask the college to provide each student with an individual bathroom then...and fashion creative departments after bathrooms...ooh, the ideas! the ideas! =D