Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Writer's Block

Hello! Progressing quite well the story is, you don't think? Heheh, enough of the Yoda talk, let's wrap this up real quick...
I'd actually planned on writing this after Friday, 'cos I'll be away for a camp till then. So too bad, no updates till then! Guess y'all'll've to entertain yourself with a dig into the archives... (WOW! What was THAT?! Y'all'll've??)
The way things are going now, it seems that Ghostopia could be a far longer story than the previous two. The difference here, I think, is that I haven't established my "character objectives" right at the start of the story. It'll come, it'll come, but not till I'm done toying around with these pawn-like characters, MUAHAHAHA!
But in case you're worrying that I'll start going overboard and introduce a new character every two chapters, be assured that Darren, Nelson, and Kat SHOULD be your focal "Harry Potter trio" for this tale. I have this hazy long-term plotline for Nelson and Darren, but Kat still doesn't seem very utilisable yet. I'll come up with something, probably related to her rocker chick persona and "died at young age" past.
Mmm...flashbacks. That sounds good.
And you know what else sounds good? Me enjoying my sorry butt at a camp while y'all'll've to not enjoy your sorry butts at camps! Toodly-loo, y'all! :D

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