Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 13: Bygones

"At your very own graduation? No way!"
"Yeah, and you know the worst part? I still don't know what I died of!"
"Hey, that's not so bad," Nelson sipped his drink. "You have no idea how horrible it feels right before knowing you're going to die."
"Wow. Must've been scary."
"You bet it was. I was one of those street types, and I got involved in one gang fight too many."
"You mean, you were murdered?"
"Stabbed six times, bled to death."
Darren nibbled slowly on his Clairvoyance Casserole, letting Nelson's words sink into his head. Being murdered was surely a far more traumatising experience than dying suddenly like him. How did it feel to look into the eyes of one determined to take your life, begging in vain for mercy?
"I remember lying on the ground feeling the blood gush out of me," Nelson's eyes grew cold. "It's like leaving on a train and taking one last look at your home as it gets further and further. I didn't even get to see my family."
Darren nodded grimly.
Suddenly an inconspicuous stage in front lit up with a glittery hue of orange, contrasting their moods. An overly-made up girl dressed in a twirling robe stood onstage ready to sing for all to hear.

Fell in love with the world
When I was a little girl
It seems so long ago
The day I became cold

Now I am no more
Another name on the wall
Every year just one day
A memory so far away

Do you still remember me?
Am I gone cos you can't see?

This bygone
Still cries, she still mourns
This bygone
Wishes she is
Not forgotten
This bygone
Doesn't want to be one

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