Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 8: The Truth Behind Kat

For the umpteenth time today Darren folded his arms, clicked his tongue, and tried his best to remain patient. He looked left, right, then left again, but there were only crowds of unfamiliar faces.
Where could she be anyway? He'd been here for at least fifteen minutes, which wasn't a short span of time when you were standing on two tired legs. Oh well, he wasn't in a rush to be anywhere either way. After all, he had all the time in the world. Literally.
As the day wore on, the crowds appeared to swell along with the number of stalls being set up. This was sheer madness, Darren thought. There were either so many Ghosts that they had to shop at different times of the day, or they really had nothing better to do but shop the whole day long. Didn't these guys work or anything?
"All right, that's it," he said in exasperation, after an hour's wait. She probably had just come earlier, found him not there and left. But he was positive he had been on time! What right on earth did she have to not be here? She couldn't have gotten lost as well, since she claimed to have been living in Ghostopia for so long.
"Hey, you," a young man's voice called out. "You've been standing here for a long time, is there anyone you're looking for?"
"Oh, uh, hi," Darren found himself tongue-tied again. It was a squared-jawed guy peddling silverware, also seemingly the same age as Kat and him. Strangely, there weren't many youngsters in Ghostopia, making him quite noticable. "Yeah, i was waiting for this girl, but she never showed up."
"Now that's unusual," he remarked. "She can't have lost her way with all those Shifters around, can she?"
"Beats me, I just came here today. She told me she would help me sell my papers, and meet me back here in an hour. But so far, no sign of her yet."
" did she look like?"
"Short black hair...these big eyes with black eyeliner beneath...dressed in all of those gothic-looking types."
"OH! You must have been looking for Kat."
"Why, yes! How did you know her?"
"Heh, heh," he sniggered. "Most of us in the marketplace know her quite well, pal. She's an excellent conperson."

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