Saturday, April 23, 2005

Writer's Block

Yes-siree, dust off your glasses and stare at the clock's ticking hands no more, cos Twisted Tales is back up and running full steam ahead!
Anyway, do I really have anything to say? Let us spare ourself camp anecdotes, those always sound better to the one telling them than the one listening. I had imagined myself doing lots of exploration of possibilities for the story during the camp, but...nahhh. There's a time for work, a time for play, and a time for blogging. ;^)
It doesn't really help that I'm a little out of sync with Ghostopia now, need to write a Chapter or two before it all starts coming back. So no story analysis for you today, not unless you want a half-baked one. =p
But meanwhile, here's a nice little feature I've been holding back for quite a while:


a) Zhi Yong - A friend from church whom I've got to know a lot better over the last year. Went through Form 6, working in a bakery and is currently studying in IMU to be a doctor, so that makes him...uh, older than me. Seems like a quiet and "wooden" guy, but is in my opinion actually more emotional and sensitive than given credit for. Our friend here is also, ahem, the president of the Youth Training Union in my church.

b) Karu - No, she's not Japanese or African, though she's an anime fan. Her real name is Weng Cheng (hope I spelt that right), and she's another friend from church. Most popular for her exceptional talent in music and arts, though I sometimes suspect there's a whole lot more. Currently doing her thang in NS (that's National Service for you, buster).

c) Estee - Should Estee stand next to Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, she'd make Bubbles seem like a lumbering, savage brute. Yeah, Estee really is that cute, sweet, and child-like. I'll stop short of calling her innocent, cos that'll make me seem innocent, if you catch my drift. Knew her in my first year of college, and boy oh boy does she draw amazingly well. She was, sadly, led astray into the Ragnarok Online Cult and till this day can be seen online at 4am in the morning. Coincidentially, she happens to be a high school friend of my church friend Joyce.

d) Magdalene - No one talks about Magdalene without mentioning how she looks much older than she really is. Of course, that comes across as a compliment, seeing that she really is a First Former. Yet another friend from church, though she's now gone to another church. Someday, she shall rule the world. And just for laughs, she looks somewhat like a cross between Milan Baros and Avril Lavigne. Hahahaha.

e) Zhi Zheng - Here's the confirmation for you: she is the younger sister of Zhi Yong, and a close friend of Magdalene's. Has been blogging for quite a while, and I guess going through her blog back then was what finally made me want to hop on the blogwagon. Has a passion for design and all things artsy, here's to you entering The One Academy where We Don't Believe In Promises, Just World-Class Results, gal!

f) Michelle - Michelle Lye, Numero Uno of the Fab Four. Also one of the members of the "Car Gang", meaning we went to college together in the same car during our first year. Actually I didn't quite like her the first time we met, tee hee hee, but thankfully time drew us closer. Another plus would be that she stays relatively close to my house compared to other collegemates. And for no reason, I'm gonna throw this in: she has a dog named Cherrie and she knows Su Ann through Pre-U in Taylor's.

g) June - June Loh, Numero Dos of the Fab Four. Cool, funky, sas-say, never fails to crack me up with her wit and sarcasm, blog-wise and real life-wise. I know I'm not giving the best description here, but she's very much into these Jap cosplay/anime/manga stuffies? And Gothic? Argh, just wish I knew her better. Like the rest of the Fab Four, she's now studying Multimedia Design in The One Academy. Yeah, I said that just to make it seem longer. Sue me!

h) Jill - Jill Low, Numero Tres of the Fab Four. You know, Jill strikes me as an evil-ler version of my aforementioned friend Joyce. They're both neat, organised girls who swear by Files and Folders, probably read tons of literature, and you know...giggletalk a lot. Another stickler for wit and sarcasm, Japanesey stuff and...and...oh yeah! She does dance as well, ballet if I'm not mistaken. So that's why she whooped my derriere in Twister!

i) U Liang - Trivia Of The Day: Guess whose brother U Liang is? The answer would be...Zhi Yong and Zhi Zheng! Elder, that is. U Liang is studying, I think, Maths in Singapore. I met him in church a few times when I first came, though I didn't know then he was related to ZY and ZZ. However, through the wonders of the blog community, I've come to know and admire this guy through his writings. Very, very thought-provoking and enlightening at times, can't wait to sit down and talk to him face-to-face when he comes back.

j) Mei - Mei is actually a close friend of Zhi Yong (all roads lead to Zhi Yong??), and I only started hearing about her after becoming close to ZY. She's helped me a number of times with those funny blog Javascripts, and even sent me an e-mail worth pondering upon, which naughty ol' me has yet to reply. She's currently working in...erm, Sony Malaysia? Do check out her site for promised working life anecdotes. Like U Liang, I would be rather eager to meet her in person, though unlike him I've never seen her even once before!

k) Jack - This dude here is, you guessed it, yet another friend from church. Sad to say, he's the one I know least from among my links. But let me try my very best here to give him at least four lines of info - from his blog entries and the little sessions I've shared with him, Jack comes across as a tall lanky "duuuude" sorta person bursting with energy in more ways than you can imagine. Though still in secondary school, he's impressed me with his spiritual insights on one certain night on MSN. All rite! Six lines!

l) Cherie - Ah, Cherie, Cherie. She's probably the friend at this point whom I see the most often. That's because she stays a five minutes' walking distance from my house, follows my car to college most days, studies in the same class as me, and attends Faith Station (college Christian Fellowship) with me. Sometimes, people say I would be her if I was female, but heheheh...let's not meddle with nature, shall we? Always there to make me feel better when I've been slacking off in assignments, wink wink.

m) Sue Ann - Church/cloese friend of Cherie, shares a connection with Michelle as well (please refer to section (f) ). Hmm...first met her when Cherie asked me to fetch her to college, I think. Either that, or during one of the church events Cherie brought me to. However, there is no denying that our first meeting went something along the lines of:

Me: Hi.
Su Ann: Hi.
Me: Nice to "meet" you. (pinches her) (Note: "meet" means "pinch" in Cantonese )
Su Ann: (incessant, uncontrollable laughter)

And she's been laughing ever since. Anyways, hope to have that long-talked-about lunch with you someday yah, before you graduate from Taylors! (Or me, for that matter)

Whoa, that sure took a whole lot longer than I expected. As a result, I don't feel like posting a Chapter today, bleeargh. Maybe tomorrow.
Sure feels nice to read about yourself in print, doesn't it? Well, hope this doesn't sound scripted, but it was refreshing to write about a good number of my friends too. Some of you I know very well in real life, some of you are acquaintances, some hi-bye friends, and some, like in the case of Mei, are total strangers to me in real life, lol.
OH-KAY, OH-kay, I shan't venture into lovey-dovey "Friends Forever" territory. Instead, I shall close with this:
Ever noticed how I've never formally introduced myself in my blog? I don't just mean in that little box entitled "the one who brought you here", but in all my posts, there have not been any mention of what I do for a living or anything like that. Strange, huh?
I guess this hails back to my days of masquerading as the vixen-like Lady Sarabeth Dak Viana while playing Utopia (an online game). Yes, I hang my head in shame when I say that I have answered "yes" to questions of whether I really am a girl, and have even engaged in mild seduction. Hey, it was mild, SERIOUS!
So here we go, my first-ever full-length self-introduction to those who don't know me at all. *hopes none of his former Utopia kingdom mates are reading this*

Daniel Mok Choon Hooi - Approaching 20 this year, on the 25th of October to be precise. I'm in my 7th semester, or 3rd year of my studies in The One Academy, where I currently am majoring in Graphic Design And Advertising. And NO, my course does not make me a future artist in Central Market. And YES, it does highly irk me when people say that Graphic Design = Drawing.
I've traced my friends to come from three main circles - secondary school (SMK Taman Desa), college, and church. Oh yes, I serve in this wonderful, wonderful church called Canaan Baptist Church in Seri Petaling. The past three years have been a very enrichening experience for me in so many ways, but you can read all about that when my autobiography is released. For now, you'll just have to make do with me thanking God for all the multi-faceted people He's put in my life, each one revealing another truth of life to me.
Ouch. I sense a whole lotta rolling going on, either Shakespeare in his grave or your eyes out of their sockets.
The End.

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