Monday, April 25, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 6-10

Darren accepts Kat's offer to help him sell his papers, and they go seperate ways with the agreement to meet back in an hour. He then wanders off and chances upon a hall where many people are gathered. They are apparently standing in line to use Shifters, magical stands which enable the Ghosts to transport themselves to the many different levels of Ghostopia.
Seeing that his appointment with Kat is up soon, he transports himself back to the marketplace. However, Kat is nowhere in sight, not even after an hour's wait. , Nelson, a young trader who notices Darren waiting reveals that Kat is in fact a consperson and she has likely ran off with his papers.
Seeing that Darren is new to Ghostopia and has no place to stay, Nelson offers him lodging in his house. Though reluctant at first, Darren soon accepts his offer upon learning that night time in Ghostopia is unsafe. After the sun sets, nasty Ghosts from the other section of Ghostopia - reserved for those who committed suicide when they were alive - cross over to "Protected Ghostopia" with shoddy intentions.
The two shake hands to seal the deal, leading us into Chapter 11.

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