Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Writer's Block

Curse you, SearchMiracle.com! CURSE YOU!!
No, I didn't make a lousy decision and ditch my nifty lil' template for this not-so-nice one, in case some of you are wondering. To understand the story, you have to go back to where it all began...(isn't that some movie quote?)
The day, today. The time, sometime around 11am. And there I was, still foolishly blogging eventhough I was waaay waaay behind time. Blame it all on that reCAPPENING idea I got.
So I finish typing it out, admire my sheer rhymes-with-hideous, and dutifully click "Publish Post".
Like the old lady in Titanic says, "It was the last time Titanic ever saw the light of day." Just that in this case, it was my beeyootifoo blog.
As always I entered my blog site to see how the new post looked. Click. Some repititive gibberish with those ugly words "searchmiracle" in it.
"Okay," I thought. "Let's refresh."
Still it stayed there, and now both eyebrows were raised. However, there wasn't any panic yet, since my computer isn't exactly the most sane piece of machinery out there. I calmly reconnected, restarted, and still no difference. Ooh hoo hoo.
Frantically I message Yhi Zong (not his real name) to see if he can access to my blog. Yeah rite, says he, as though I'm at home waiting for you to ask me to check whether your blog still works. Or in his exact words "I'm not at home...I'm in class trying my best to stay awake."
Fast forward to afternoon, where I'm in the college library. Now, in the time span between, something remarkably remarkable happened, but this just isn't the time and place. So anyway, I eagerly log on to the hottest site on the net, www.hotbab - oops, I mean, www.twisted-tales.blogspot.com (do visit it if you have the time to). Loading...loading...then no more. A few more rounds yielded the same results.
Only one thing left to do: check the template script itself. And wouldjabelievit, there was NOTHING there. Absolutely NOTHING but the script for the blog entrance special effects. And of course, the beloved searchmiracle.com gobbleydook.
Crap, I didn't mean to rant about it for so long. There wasn't really much damage done anyway, save for the links and other sidebars which I'll have to redo. It's just that it's rather...urgh, it'll take time for sure - time which I won't have till my term break. A sign that I should be changing templates to go with the new story anyway?
Was looking through www.blogskins.com where I source for templates, and somehow most just didn't catch my eye. I never realised it, but that previous "Storyteller" template was really perfect. Perfect in every sense: praticality, aesthetically, clarity, etc. However, I've come across one which looks pretty good, not to mention going well with the Ghostopia story too. Coincidentially (or maybe not), it's from the same author as "Storyteller", Savannah a.k.a up_in_lights. =^) Here's to you, gal!
So, do bear with this Plain Jane template for the time being. Now, if you'ld excuse me, I have to try coughing up my Chatterbox password...
(On a totally unrelated note, some of you old-timers might remember this as the template the story "Blogspot" was written on.) %^]

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