Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 11: Nelson's House

"Here we are," They stopped in front of a metallic squarish house. "My humble home."
It sure wasn't the kind of house Darren had grown used to seeing. It was a fifteen-foot-tall block of shimmering metal hovering slightly above the ground, with no opening in sight. Tiny similar blocks dotted the landscape from a distance.
"Quite different from the house you used to stay in, eh? Wait till you get inside."
"Uhh...how do you get inside?"
"Simple, just follow my lead." Nelson whipped out a six-sided card. He stroked it against the wall, muttering repeatedly a string of numbers. Before long, a section of the wall disappeared.
"That's how you get in." he grinned. "You have your GIC, don't you?"
His GIC! He'd almost forgotten about that. Mortie said that if it was lost, he would lose his identity as a Ghost. Darren dug into his pockets, relieved to find it still there.

Nelson was right - it was even weirder once they got inside. Disjointed staircases spiralled downwards with no end in sight, leading to separate chambers of varying sizes. Some chambers were too small to even enter, while some were so big that the stairs continued into them. At random intersections the stairway would break off into two or three, at times even ending abruptly with a 90 degree slope.
"Whoa!" said Darren. "How do you find your place around here? It's even more confusing than Hogwarts, man."
"You'll learn to adjust. Anyway, if you fall all the way to the bottom you just end up back outside the house. It's a quick way to get out, hurts a bit though."
Darren looked down into the never-ending void. "I'll take the door, thank you."
"Ho, ho, ho," Nelson guffawed, leading him to an easier-to-reach chamber. "Anyway, this is where you'll be sleeping. I'll show you the rest of the house later when we have the time."
"Okay, cool. So what're we gonna do for the rest of the night?"
"Come, I'll show you around the city. We can grab a bite there."

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