Saturday, October 08, 2005

Writer's Block

W-W-Waitttt...didn't I say there'ld be no Writer's Block for this month? But fret not...this ain't gonna be a "moment of inspiration" entry, rather a review of the just-concluded Kat saga which might have overstayed its welcome.
Again, I have to be straight-up: you could tell from the start it was going to be nearly impossible making it brief, interesting, and revealing all at once. I had to build up three vastly different characters in Kat, her mom, and her dad from scratch, AND create situations that would eventually lead to her death without being too direct or boring - all in the space of eleven chapters (Okay, so that last one was the equivalent of two). Not enough.

Once more, my two worst fears lingered throughout - poor planning and over-ambition. Throwing in a whole new story in the midst of my Ghostopia build-up was probably a mistake and momentum-killer. However, I still hold strong that it wouldn't work so well if Kat "told" the story to them. Much shorter, sure, but ten times more boring. If I were to rewrite Ghostopia, I'd rather shelf the three stories of Kat's, Darren's, and Nelson's deaths to the start, before Darren comes in, or neatly intersperse each story at junctures of the story. That way you could also easily switch between the story being told solely from Darren's point of view to other characters as well. Yes, that would be really good. =)

So yeah, the sudden throw-in of Kat having a weak heart seemed pretty random and unbased. What can I say? That's where the "poor planning" came in, forcing me to change gears midway. She was originally supposed to die wholly out of "fear", but I suddenly realised how cringe-worthy that would be. Plus, the plot device that I wanted the "fear" to facilitate would benefit if I chose this ending instead. My, my, aren't we talking in riddles. Would love to elaborate more, but that would be running risk of leaking out spoilers for the upcoming parts. One last thing to note: gotta remember to tone down the exaggerate-ness in future. It reminded me of Final Destination.

To answer Charmaine's question: nope, this isn't the ending to the story, it's just the ending of Kat's story. We've still got a climax to attend to, remember? However, I really am clueless where we go from here. If anything, I gotta first work out what Kat's story achieved. Does it make Nelson less protesting of their escape? Does it make Darren want to live again more? Or is it the first domino in a long chain of events linking everyone together into the ending?

It does make for very interesting possibilities, if you think about it. Only problem is how incredibly difficult it would be to execute them while giving each character enough room to perform. And of course, sustain your fickle interests. Oh well, I used to get depressed by problems like these, but let's just see what the reel plays out. This is, after all, just a blog.

Till the next Chapter, stay safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do! 8-D

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