Monday, October 17, 2005

The New Girl, Chapter 1

Alllllll-ritey then, crack your knuckles and stretch real wide, 'cos after an agonising story-less week, we're geared up for a neuuuuuuu e-raaaaaa!
All right, so the final outcome deviated HUGELY from what I had in mind, but we seem to have something in the vein of "The Secret Room" here. Not overly fanciful nor "deep", but entertaining enough to last a good 20-plus Chapters. Ending's not set in stone yet, all in all don't expect too much and we should have enough reasons to spend more time online in the coming months. =p

Hoh boy. Here it is.
May's eyes darted all over the unimpressive brick building. The weathered walls ran across the tall blocks inside, as if trying best to hide the occupants inside from prying eyes. She followed them all the way back and to the front again, leading to a big steel door which boomed "ST. FRANCESCA'S GIRLS' SCHOOL"
Sigh. May was, as you might've already guessed, the new girl in town. She'd just moved into town, albeit reluctantly, with her parents last week and it was to be her first day in school.

"Oh? What did you say your name was again?" The plump lady lowered her glasses and peered at her.
"May Leong See Mei," she repeated.
"Hmm," the lady flipped through her register. "Oh yes, I see your name here. Take a seat."
Of course, a million pair of eyes were now studying her thoroughly like a Chemisty textbook.
May made her way to an unoccupied desk at the back, clutching her backpack tightly in front of her for mental security. Meanwhile, some fleeting glances of her classmates revealed a class not unlike her previous one - mostly Chinese, a smattering of Indian girls sitting together, all with the same disinterested look on their faces.
"Pst," the round-faced girl sitting next to her whispered. "Hello. Name's Jean."
She smiled back. "May. Nice to meet you."
Before they could continue, the lady in front cleared her throat. "Now, everyone please be nice to May and make her feel welcome. And in case you didn't know, I'm Mrs. Ruby, the form teacher."
She nodded sheepishly, expecting everyone to greet her in some manner. However, not a squeak was heard, save for some stifled yawns.
Well hey, it's just the first day, she thought as she started taking down some notes from the board.


BeaWuzHere said...

jean? not inspired by someone we know, izzit? hehehe....

mOkKiEs® said...

oh humiliating secret's been uncovered...i solemnly vow to never again base characters on real life people...