Saturday, October 01, 2005

Writer's Block

Well hallelu-yah, it's finally come! After the driest month in Twisted Tales history, we shall waltz straight into a bumper month of posts. Open wide and blink not, for October has AH-RIVED! A month of Celebration A, Celebration B, and Celebration C! A being the 20th birthday of moi, B the birthday of this site, and C the promised October feature I've been hyping since August.
And now...meow. The cat comes out from the bag.
Quite simply, it's called "Ten Things I Love About You, Twisted Tales". Say it once again, folks - "Ten Things I Love About You, Twisted Tales". I've been combing the archives, and my my, it brings a smile to my self-appreciating face to see so many gems there. It is a pity, though, that they all look the equivalent of forlorn old men sitting alone on porches watching sunsets. So what I'm gonna do is give them another fifteen minutes of fame by re-releasing them throughout the month. Sort of like a washed-up boy band's "Greatest Hits" album, geddit?
But lest you start worrying about 10 Chapters of "Blogspot" or "The Secret Room" every time you drop by, take comfort that only the krem de la krem will be making it back for a second shot. Yups, you guessed it...a US Billboard-esque Top 10 Countdown!
I'll be posting one entry from my personal pick, starting from Number 10, every three days from Oct 3 all the way to Number 1 on Oct 30. Then, time allowing, I might do a brief "Year In Review" for y'all. (Okay, for myself...)
Ghostopia? Heheh...this Kat saga is taking longer than I expected. I'd planned for it to be done in 5 Chapters, but then it struck me how her dad was still your regular villain bent on global domination 'cos the director ordered it. Should take another two Chapters - either that or I cram it all into an extra long final Part 10 - and we're set for pre-End Game of Ghostopia. However, why do I feel that everyone's forgotten where we even left off in the first place? Admit it, you undevoted idolisers of me...
And lol, a final thing I should note...I practically had to *ban* myself from getting any sudden inspirations for Writer's Block poems/ articles the past month, for fear of messing up my all shined-up Top 10 list. Anyway, the nostalgia factor would nosedive if I posted entries less than a month old, would it? It's supposed to be a time of reflection and rememberence, so quit digging into the archives and just let me do my job of telling you what WAS good, people. However, a plus point would be that those subconsciously stored "inspirations" might instead make their way out this month. Hey, wait a minute...I'm not *supposed* to have any inspirations this month too!
Crap. Make it November, then.
That concludes today's...for lack of a better word, edition of Writer's Block. Run along now, but do remember to make a 180 degree turn on Monday and check back for...Ten Things I Love About You, Twisted Tales!

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