Monday, October 24, 2005

Special October Feature: Ten Things I Love About You, Twisted Tales (No. 3)'s been a seriously hard-hitting day, the sort that makes you sit down and reaccess the things going on in your life now. Not to mention 7 more minutes to go before my 20th birthday! And not a minute older do I feel. ;^)
Second irrelevant issue to address would be my failure to break the record of most consecutive number of daily posts by not posting yesterday, but that's...irrelevant. If it ain't Guiness, it ain't good, so they say.
Oh yes, NOW we get to today's featured piece. Again, it's one that I'm extremely proud of - a very unconventional, very controversial poem which criticises, laughs at and showers praises on our Tanah Tercinta Malaysia all at once. The sort you'd only get away with posting on a blog.
At the end of the day, however, it just reminds us that as cool as dissing the government seems, we need to empower ourselves actively much more. After all, doesn't loving someone or something include learning to look past their faults and imperfections? Or are we merely fair-weather citizens?

Pick No.3: Eventhough
First posted on 30th August 2005

Eventhough your favouritism irks us so,
When scholarships, PRs, to the undeserving go.

Eventhough your drivers are reckless and mad,
They drive too fast, too slow, and just plain bad.

Eventhough to you corruption sticks like a flea,
We've all seen the cops and their duit kopi.

Eventhough your people are rude and thoughtless,
They litter and spit like it's nobody's business.

Eventhough your politicians hold less than your average ape,
Bickering about how tudungs decrease rape.

Eventhough your values are conservative and Asian,
Banning all under the sun but Siti Nurhaliza and Raihan.

Eventhough your education system is the work of harebrained fools,
Students forget all the moment they leave school.

Eventhough your streets are as safe as a loon with a dagger,
Everyone's just waiting for the next senseless murder.

Eventhough your prices go up high, high, higher still,
Petrol now costs more than the cars it fills.

Eventhough we are seen as Malay, Chinese, Indian, or Lain-lain,
Melayu babi, Cinakueh, Aneneh - all good-natured humour, no need to refrain.

But we love you still, flaws and all,
Land of Manglish and the mamak stall.
Let us not just use our mouths,
But our heads and hearts,
Till death do we part.

(Views expressed above are not neccessarily my own - Happy Merdeka Day to all!)

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