Saturday, October 08, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 61-66

Kat's story continues: While walking home dejectedly after the bad rehearsal, her father unexpectedly shows up in his car and tells her that Mr. Rogers is in fact his old friend. Her father is trying very hard to scout for better pianists so that he won't take in Katrina. This, plus the poor rehearsal, makes her very dejected till Mr. Harold tells her that Mr. Rogers still wants her very badly for his rehearsal next Sunday.
Fast forward to the day of the rehearsal, and her bus is late. Suddenly her father appears again and offers to give her a lift. After much thought, she finally relents for fear of being late. On the way though, they start arguing over her dad's divorce. This leads to her enraged father bringing her on a terror ride to an unknown part of town. Terrified and not knowing what to do, Katrina causes the car to overturn by pulling the emergency brake.
When she comes to her senses, she becomes even more fearful of beind put in prison for causing the accident. She flees from the scene, ignoring the pain caused by her weak heart.
She finally ends up at a deserted alley, too tired to continue running. As she collapses to the ground, the pain becomes so severe that she cannot move. The more she fears for her life, the more painful it becomes. Unable to breathe, Katrina feels even more terrified when she sees a man coming for her. This proves to be the final straw and she dies, leading us into Chapter 67.

(And for all you forgetful ones who have no clue where we were before Kat's story began:)

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters, 51-55

Darren and Nelson find themselves at The Haunt, waiting for the meeting to start. Kat appears to tell them that the meeting has been cancelled, reason being that the Spooks have discovered their meeting place and are coming to arrest them.
The three then flee through the back door, meeting Mortie in the back alley. Nelson tells Mortie that he shall be joining their meeting, and even offers to hold the meeting in his place. Mortie agrees to that, tells Kat to inform the others, and they're off.
When they reach his place, Nelson begins asking Mortie about the previous escape attempt. Suspicious, Mortie finally figures out that Nelson was one of the three survivors.
Things get more complicated when Kat, Fletcher and Amelia walk in (Todd and Scarlet have been arrested) - Nelson recognises Fletcher and Amelia as Lucas and Andrea, albeit them having changed their names to hide from the authorities. Fletcher and Nelson then get into a minor argument over how Nelson left the group previously, and it boils over to a debate, invloving the others, about living again.
Suddenly, Kat speaks up on her reason of wanting to live again - simply, hate. This prompts her to begin the story of her death, leading us into Chapter 56.

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