Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Special October Feature: Ten Things I Love About You, Twisted Tales (No. 7)

Yikes, No. 7 already? Today's piece, a rather recent one, touches on the oft-mentioned subject of time management. Ouch, what painful words. The inspiration for this came at the time of the year when everything was moving at full speed and everyone was complaining how busy they were - resulting in a delightful ditty poking fun at how our 24 hours always seem "stolen" from us. Otherwise, it's a reflection of how terribly I waste my time - how very, very ironic that I spend so much of it blogging.

Pick No.7: Borrowed Time
First posted on 12th July 2005

'Scuse me sir, 'scuse me sir,
Mind sparing a pinch of Time?

Of course not, you haven't given back
That chockful you borrowed last week.

Oh, that! I think Mr. Homework has it
I recall him saying he was running short.

But didn't that happen last month?
That was quite a handful I loaned you.

That was no fault of mine, no it wasn't,
Miss Friends came and demanded for it.

She couldn't have taken it all, surely!
There was more than your share.

Yes there was, but have you forgotten?
That Lil' Sleep came begging for scraps.

And you gave him more than he needed?
I couldn't say no to those tear-stained eyes...

Sigh...will you ever learn?
What about that gift-wrapped box I gave you on New Year's?

It would still be here, had they not come knockin',
Aunt Leisure and Uncle Laidbackness.

Those two, never up to any good,
What did they say to ask for it?

They needed to feed their hungry children
TV Junior, Compudear, all the rest.

That ladle, filled to the brim, while the holidays?
Oops! Left it in Grandma Family's home.

How about that cartful on Sunday?
Ack! Stashed it in Pastor Church's coat.

And that one glass I passed you over the fence?
Hmm...don't know, don't know where it went.

Truth be told, I think you got it all wrong
They told me there was a prowling thief
He might've sneaked your Time off
Oh's a last pinch I can spare.

Why, thank you, kind sir!
I'll manage this one the best I can.

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