Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Agong Speaks

In light of the recent hoo-ha surrounding him, the Magically-Appearing Agong sits down with Twisted Tales' Bobo to speak candidly about life after RM1.JPG and other stuff.

Bobo: First off Your Majesty, thank you...

Agong: Ugh. None of that crap, please. Just call me Agong. Or Gong for short.

B: Um...never mind, we'll just stick to Agong. So anyway, thank you so much for taking time out of your packed schedule to do this interview today.

A: My pleasure.

B: When we last saw you, you were transforming people into money notes as part of a worldwide scheme to balance out the greed of humanity. So, what have you been up to since RM1.JPG ended in January?

A: Nothing.

B: Nothing?

A: Nothing at all of significance. That's what you get for being a joke.

B: Which brings us to our next topic. In recent weeks, many readers and even Mokkies himself have poked fun at you in the just-concluded Murder In 5sc1. Your thoughts on this?

A: I don't blame the readers for it. They were just following Mokkies' lead. I see it as a cheap publicity stunt for extra mileage on his new story.

B: How do you deal with these negative remarks?

A: I don't. They just sink deep into me and fade away. Kind of like how you digest food and, you know. Life goes on. I spend lots of time with my family. They make me feel more appreciated.

B: At this juncture, how is your relationship with Mokkies?

A: I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of his work. However, we do still talk. In fact, he called me up a couple of weeks ago asking if I was keen to be a part of Murder In 5sc1.

B: You are not serious.

A: I am.

B: And you told him?

A: A flat out no. I mean, the script was fine, but I just didn't see how I could contribute to it.

B: Looking back, I think most readers will agree that you made the right call. Now, going back to your break-out hit - RM1.JPG. Started out strongly, loads of interest generated, but ended with mixed reviews. Do you feel your character was used correctly in that story?

A: I'll put it this way - I had very different expectations for my character than what actually turned out.

B: How so?

A: When Mokkies first pitched the script to me, I assumed that my character would play a larger part in the whole story, starting even from Chapter 1. There was supposed to be an entire back story building up to my appearance in the end. All of which never happened, taking away substantial continuity and logic from the ending. And if you ask me, that was what the story ultimately failed to deliver - continuity and logic. It just wasn't something any reader above the age of 12 could believe.

B: Who do you think should take the blame for this?

A: My only responsibility was to tell him what I thought. Ultimately, he's the main man. Whatever he says goes. It's his blog. I can't be blamed for him using the same format for every story, and expecting it to pay off without proper planning and structuring.

B: Would you be keen to work with Mokkies again anytime in the future?

A: I'm all for it if the right script comes along. My passion is in becoming a great character, not being a part of backstage politics. Having said that, I am also considering deals from other authors. I mean, Twisted Tales will always be my home, but sometimes when the time comes it comes.

B: Who are some of the authors you dream of working with?

A: I'm a huge fan of J.K. Rowling. Does she write any more?

B: Sure does. Just not Harry Potter stuff.

A: I bet I could be her next best-selling series. Agong and the Sorcerer's Stone - nice ring to it, don't you think?

B: Excellent. Lastly, any upcoming gigs you would like to share with our readers?

A: I'm planning a reunion with the other characters of RM1.JPG sometime next month. But, not like our readers will remember who the other characters are anyway. We'll just party away and catch up like grumpy old men.

B: Well, you could always invite the cast of Murder In 5sc1 to liven things up.

A: Phooey. Those kids can kiss my butt. If I had one.

B: Ah well, that concludes our delightful interview. Once again, thank you for your time.

A: You know how sometimes weird files mysteriously appear in your pendrive, and nobody has any clue how they got there?

B: Nobody cares.


cheechiaw said...


You are such an opportunist!

mOkKiEs® said... out for AGONG LIVE IN CONCERT soon!!

Beatrice Goh said... for only RM1 eh?

cheechiaw said...

Are you sure the word "Agong" is legal to be used for fictitious character that's not the real "Agong"?

You might be sued for misleading some people to believe in your "Agong" as the real "Agong" and cause apostasy from the real "Agong" you know?

All these "A" words very sensitive one...

mOkKiEs® said...

nvm, i checked with them, they confirmed that the 'Agong' word can be used in Wilayah Persekutuan. so pls don't read my blog if u're in Selangor.

cheechiaw said...

The Agong deserve a FB fan page. LOL