Monday, May 03, 2010

3 Guys At Work

There once were 3 guys working a long, boring shift together.

Type, type, type went their fingers like feelers on a songless piano. After a while they stopped and waited together for a cue to start again.

"Guys," Roy, who manned the Motion Discontinuation department, yawned. "We've been doing this for 3 full years. 36 months. 1095 days."

"That's nice to know." replied Oliver, head of the Advancement Suspension Preparation department dryly.

"Incoming, Oliver." Greg, Initiation of Passage department leader called out routinely. "In five, four, three, two, one."

Oliver worked his controls nimbly. "Roy. You next."

Click, click, click. I could do this in my sleep, sighed Roy.

"Over, over, central headquarters. This is Greg, No. 24. You are clear." Greg droned over the phone. An affirmative later, he hung up. Predictably.

"How long do we have, Roy?"


"Great. Time for a cold one." Greg tossed them a couple of beers.

"No. Not this time." Roy put down his unopened beer firmly.

The other two raised their eyebrows.

"I've lost my passion."

They didn't know what to say. This was a highly inappropriate time for career talk.

"I want a change. Something more challenging and meaningful."

"But you're good in what you do."

"No, it's not about me. I just feel like... we're wasting our time here. Day in and out, we sit here waiting for cues and pressing our buttons. I mean, any idiot could do this job. I don't think anyone even knows or cares what we're doing here."

"The headquarters know." Greg retorted.

"Yeah right." Roy snorted. "There're tens of thousands of other guys like us everywhere. What makes you think we matter so much?"

"Everyone is important, dude."

"Well, suit you guys. I'm outta here. Time to rediscover my life purpose."

"Hey! Our next shift is starting soon. Can't you wait till they find a replacement for you?"

"Are you kidding? I'm physically, mentally and emotionally drained out. I just can't take another second of this. Besides, like I said, it doesn't really matter. The world will go on fine without one little insignificant guy like me."

"Er...I don't..."

"You can fill in for me." Roy slapped Oliver's shoulder, hopping out of his desk. "Go for it, pal. See y'all around."

Oliver and Greg stared at each other, scratching their heads.


"Oi DBKL! Itu tlaffic light ah, sudah satu minggu losak. Lu mau tunggu sampai bila balu lepair? Mau tunggu accident ah?"

No matter how boring your job seems, it plays a very important part in making the world tick smoothly. So stop reading my blog and get back to your work!

Happy Belated Labour Day to all!

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